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Traffice Rules & Fines

Violation Penalty
Violating Parking Rules ₹ 500
Without PUC Certificate, Registration Certificate, Permit, Fitness, Third Party Insurance Certificate ₹ 500
Travelling on Running Board(Passengers) ₹ 500
Additional Person Sitting On Driver Seat ₹ 500
Not to Stop the Bus on Stoppage(Conductor) ₹ 500
Advertisement on Vehicle Without Permission ₹ 500
Fare Meter in Non-Working Condition ₹ 500
Using Vehicle Without Registration From ₹ 300 to ₹ 5000
Driving in Non Permitted Area ₹ 10000
Driving Vehicle Excedding Permissible Weight ₹ 5000 and Additional ₹ 1000 per ton of Excess Load
Failure to Use Safety Belts While Driving ₹ 500
Whoever Drives a Motor Cycle of Causes or Allows a Motor Cycle to be Driven Carrying More than One Person in Addition to Himself. ₹ 100
Violation on Non Wearing Helmet ₹ 500
Failure to Allow Free Passage to Emergency Vehicles Like Ambulance, Fire Fighting Vehicle, Etc. ₹ 1000
Blowing of Pressure Horn, Using Horn in No Honking/Silence Zone ₹ 1000
Driving Uninsured Vehicle ₹ 2000
Acting as a Conductor of Stage Carriage by a Person Who is Disqualified Under this Act for Holding or Obtaining Conductor Licence. ₹ 2000
Whoever, Being a Manufacturer, Importer or Dealer of Motor Vehicles, Sells or Delivers or Alters or Offers to Sell or Deliver a Vehicle that is in Contravention of the Provisions of Chapter VII of the Act and The Rules and Regulations Made there under. ₹ 1 Lakh per Vehicle
Whoever, Sells or Offers to Sell, or Permits the Sell of Any Component of a Motor Vehicle Which has been Notified as a Critical Safety Component by the Central Government and Which does not Comply with the Provisions of Chapter VII of Act and the Rules and Regulations Made there Under. ₹ 1 Lakh per Component
Whoever, Being a Owner of a Motor Vehicle, Alters a Motor Vehicle, Including by Way of Retrofitting of Motor Vehicle Parts, In a Manner not Permitted Under the Act of the Rules and Regulations made there Under. ₹ 5000 per Alteration
Driving ar Excessive Speed(Two - Three Wheeler - Tractor) ₹ 1500
Driving at Excessive Speed(LMV and Others) Upto ₹ 4000
Driving Dangerously(LMV and Others) Upto ₹ 5000
Driving Whe Mentally or Physically unfit to Drive ₹ 1000
Racing and Trials of Speed ₹ 5000
Any Person who Drives or Causes or Allows to be Driven in any public place a Motor Vehicle in Contravention of the Standards Prescribed in Relation to Road Safety, Control of Noise And AIr Pollution Uptp ₹ 3000

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